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PrimeSource Building Products, Inc.

PrimeSource Building Products, Inc.

PrimeSource Building Products, Inc. is the largest purvey or of fasteners in the world, and one of the largest distributors of building materials in North America.

Our proprietary product lines include the Grip-Rite® family of products Pro-Twist® Construction Fasteners.

In addition to Grip-Rite and Pro-Twist products, our 40 distribution centers through-out the U.S. and Canada carry a full assortment of building materials from industry leaders such as;

  • Owens Corning

  • GAF/  Elk

  • National Gypsum

  • CertainTeed

  • Henkel Corporation

  • Hitachi Power Tools

  • Akrotex Films

  • and  many other recognized and respected manufacturers.

As a wholesaler and distributor, our diverse customer base includes lumberyards, STAFDA dealers, drywall supply yards, concrete and construction supply yards, roofing wholesalers, and home improvement centers.

We pride ourselves on providing our dealers with optimal warehouse and direct programs for all their building materials needs. We urge you to rely on our trained, professional sales staff and our fleet of delivery trucks to bring you the latest new products, custom programs, competitive pricing, and timely delivery.

PrimeSource is a proud member of many industry groups including STAFDA (Specialty Tools &Fasteners Distributors Association), AWCI (Association of Walls &Ceilings International), AHMA (American Hardware Manufacturer’s Association), NLBMDA (National Lumber &Building Material Dealers Association), and the Lumber and Building Materials Association of Ontario (LBMAO).


Grip-Rite® fasteners is the most popular brand of fasteners in the U.S. Grip-Rite offers the widest selection of hand drive nails and screws under one brand, in a multitude of packaging options. Allow PrimeSource to custom-design a 1# and 5# Grip-Rite packaged nail and screw display for your store, tailored to your customer base. PrimeSource pioneered the use color-coded packaging and signage; the Grip-Rite nails and screws almost sell themselves!

Grip-Rite® collated fasteners are designed to fit all major brands of pneumatic tools, including Grip-Rite tools. This complete fastener line includes: coil roofing nails, collated nails, construction staples, and finish nails and brads. Each Grip-Rite collated fastener is of the highest quality, and is guaranteed not to jam when used in the tool for which it is designed. Color-coded packaging and signage takes the guesswork out of fastener selection. Eliminate the collated fastener confusion in your store;stock Grip-Rite collated fasteners.

Grip-Rite® collated screws take the backbreaking work out of drywall, subfloor, and exterior deck installations. Grip-Rite collated screws are produced in an ISO 9002 certified environment and meet or exceed ASTM C 1002/C 954. Flexible plastic collation and a variety of styles, coatings, and sized to choose from, Grip-Rite collated screws save time and money for your professional contractors.

Grip-Rite® PrimeGuard Plus® fasteners are the first and only fasteners to pass Rust-Oleum’s rigorous rust and corrosion testing standards. Rust-Oleum has been trusted by America for protection against rust since 1921. Now that trusted protection extends to PrimeGuard Plus fasteners.

Every fastener in the PrimeGuard Plus line carries a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion.

PrimeGuard Plus fasteners were tested using the most thorough methods recognized by fastener manufacturers and wood treaters world- wide.  PrimeGuard Plus fasteners performed better when tested side by side against other nationally recognized brands’ coatings, including double hot-dipped galvanized.

The PrimeGuard Plus proprietary coating is available on screws,nails, collated fasteners, and collated screws.

Grip-Rite® threaded rod is available in a wide variety of dimensions and finishes. Color-coded, matching labels and tube caps make it easy to identify the rod finish and to pull the correct product.

Grip-Rite® anchor bolts are packed either with or without a round or square washer, bright, galvanized, or hot dipped galvanized.


Pro-Twist® construction fasteners are engineered for professional-grade use in commercial, industrial, and residential applications.Whether the job involves drywall, steel framing, mobile home construction, electrical or plumbing work, plastering, or metal roof-ing, Pro-Twist has the optimal fastener for every situation. Sturdy, color-coded packaging makes fastener selection easy and minimizes waste both in your yard and at the jobsite. Triple-tested and head-stamped for accountability, Pro-Twist is the brand you and your exacting professional customers can trust.