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An Innovative Solution For Light Frame Multi-Story Construction

An Innovative Solution For Light Frame Multi-Story Construction

The Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Tiedown System (ATS) is designed to anchor stacked shearwalls in multi-story wood frame buildings while compensating for construction shrinkage within the structure.

Lower-Cost ATS Solutions  

In an effort to provide a more cost-effective system, Simpson Strong-Tie has expanded our line of shrinkage compensating devices. Because our ATS product line is configured to address the shrinkage that occurs at each level of a multi-story structure, take-up devices are critical components in our system. As such they have experienced several design improvements over the years.

In addition to coupling take-up devices (CTUDs), we have added multiple, expanding take-up devices made from steel or aluminum (TUDs and ATUDs). We recently began incorporating these new components into designs to create customized runs using combinations of our take-up devices that are tailored to specific framing conditions. These customized solutions can result in significant cost reductions while still providing the shrinkage take-up required.

While these improvements are not reflected in the current version of the Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Tiedown Systems for Multi-Story Overturning Restraint catalog (C-ATS07), they are code-listed and available for your projects.